Odyssey rolls out new ultra-forgiving Ai-ONE putter range

Taking inspiration from Callaway with their A.I.designed Flash Face and Jailbreak, sister brand Odyssey, the #1 putter on tour, has introduced the new Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled putters, designed to help you hole more putts every round.

For putter manufacturers, the holy grail of putter design is to create a putter that hits the ball as far on a mishit as it does on a centre strike, because let’s face it, who hits the sweet spot every time? If every putt goes the distance you intended, then you’ll have fewer missed putts. A.I. has helped unlock that for Odyssey, to the point where they believe your putts will end up 21% closer to the hole. And that was something Jon Rahm took advantage of at the Ryder Cup, putting the Ai-One Rossie S in the bag as he decimated the US opposition.

And they’ve managed to include this on two completely new lines of putters.


The key to the new putter is the all-new insert. Featuring a grooved face, made from White Hot Urethane, the key to the new insert is a contoured aluminium backing that improves the consistency of ball speed across the face.

On the face of it, it doesn’t look too different from previous Odyssey putters. So the engineers created a window to the soul of the putter (and through the sole on some of them). Using a Panlite window and automotive-grade polymer, you can see every contour that makes these new putters tick, and aim to make you a more consistent putter. .

Elsewhere, the graphite Stroke Lab has been replaced by an all-steel version. The SL90 is a lightweight steel shaft that contains between 20-30 grams of counterweighting in the grip to appeal to more golfers. And the putters feature a matte Navy Blue PVD finish as well as interchangeable weights. We’re also big fans of the more traditionally-sized grip that feels great in the hand.

Ai-ONE Models

 The Ai-ONE features five models at launch, with a second wave due in February.

#1 is Odyssey’s classic take on the classic heel and toe-weighted blade putter, featuring soft lines and an alignment aid in the flange.

The Double Wide DB is an extended blade design for extra confidence at address and features a double-bend shaft for minimal toe hang.

The Rossie S is the model used by Jon Rahm and is the latest version of the Rossie putter that helped put Odyssey on the map.

Finally, there are the #7 S and #7 CH. The iconic fang design is incredibly easy to align. The #7 S features a slant neck and significant toe hang, while the #7 CH features a Crank Hosel neck much like the #1.

Ai-ONE Milled

For golfers who prefer a milled-face putter, Odyssey has also introduced an Ai-One Milled line. As Toulon putters have been separated out from Odyssey, the Ai-ONE Milled is Odyssey’s new high-end putter line-up. Featuring a CNC-milled stainless steel body, the Ai-One Milled putters feature a totally unique titanium insert that has milled contours behind the face that even out ball speed across the face.

The satin navy blue PVD finish looks stunning behind the ball, especially in contrast to the champagne-coloured insert. Other specs including the shaft, interchangeable weights, and grip are the same as the standard Ai-ONE models.

The Eight T mallet

Ai-ONE Milled Models

ONE T is a classic heel and toe blade, but as well as the change of insert compared to the #1, it features a top-line alignment aid.

TWO T is Odyssey’s take on arguably the most popular blade shape on tour, an angular heel and toe blade with very square lines that aid alignment.

THREE T features a classic mallet shape, with an abbreviated flat rear edge that really helps golfers who use perpendicular alignment.

SIX T is a classic face-balanced mallet that is the sweet spot for traditionalists looking for a little more help from their putter.

SEVEN T is a smaller, tour-inspired #7 fanged putter. It’s available in both a face-balanced DB option and a Crank hosel version for golfers with more of a gated stroke.

EIGHT T is a softer shaped modern mallet, with a simple alignment aid and a slant hosel.

ELEVEN T is arguably the pick of both lines; it’s a compact modern mallet that takes inspiration from the classic #7 design but makes it even easier to line up.

First Thoughts

Equipment Editor Dan Owen writes: Odyssey was kind enough to send over a Ai-ONE Double Wide and a Ai-ONE Milled Eleven to take a look at. While both finishes are navy blue, they are very different. The matte finish of the Double Wide was a big contrast to the satin sheen of the Eleven.
From a fit and finish perspective, the Ai-ONE Milled putters are as good as anything out there. They scream class. In contrast with its window, the Ai-One highlights its innovative technology.
Feel wise, Odyssey haven’t changed a winning formula with the Ai-ONE, with it retaining that signature White Hot feel that the majority of their tour players trust and prefer. The Ai-ONE Milled feels soft but crisp, still offering plenty of feedback.
With the green conditions at this time of year, it’s hard to see the improvement in consistency with these new inserts. But these aren’t going to necessarily show instant improvements, rather you will see improvements after a season tracking your ‘strokes gained’ stats on the greens. We can’t wait to give them more of a longer-term look.

Models, Pricing and Availability
The Odyssey Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled Putters will be available at retail and online on November 3 with an RRP of £289 for Ai-ONE or £449 for Ai-ONE Milled. More shapes will also be introduced into the AI-One line-up from March 2024.