Wilson Golf has launched its next generation of award-winning INFINITE putters, combining proven visual alignment technology with a modern premium look and exceptional feel to encourage golfers to unlock their full putting potential.


Each of the nine different models in the all-new INFINITE range features Activation Parallel Alignment Lines technology, designed to help golfers hit a target line with ease and deliver truer strikes and a more consistent stroke.

A thicker middle line, accompanied by two thinner lines either side, optimises focus to instil more confidence at address.

“The new INFINITE range serves the needs of golfers who struggle with alignment and we’re confident that players will be drawn to the new look and feel, with multiple options to cater to varying preferences in putter shape and hosel style,” said Bob Thurman, Global General Manager of Golf and Vice President of Research & Development at Wilson.


The latest range provide golfers with a wide selection of putters across various styles of popular mallet and blade offerings. They follow the Wilson Golf tradition of being named after landmarks and neighbourhoods in the brand’s home city of Chicago, Illinois.

The new offerings — Windy City, Michigan Ave, Grant Park, West Loop, The L, South Side, The Bean, Bucktown and Buckingham — all feature a modern look and stroke-enhancing performance benefits.

A double-milled face pattern ensures consistent feel, roll and distance control regardless of the strike location, while the two-tone PVD anti-glare finish reduces distraction over the ball.

The new midsize Pistol Karakal flat-sided grip features Enhanced Spyne technology, multi-zone texturing and a no-taper shape to minimize hand and wrist rotation for a smooth, balanced putting stroke.


The grip also features new INFINITE and Wilson branding along with the new shield outline on the face.

Available today, the new INFINITE putters are offered in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths at a retail price of £140.

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