Common Casino Superstitions: What Players Believe

Superstitions and myths have always been a part of several cultures all over the world. People use seemingly questionable beliefs to understand their immediate environment. All casino games have an element of luck associated with them so it is no surprise that superstitions have found their way into the gambling world. Punters know that the outcomes of casino games on betting platforms such as Bet365 MK are beyond their control in most instances. Therefore, they follow some superstitions that they believe, to boost their chances of winning. Let us see some of the rituals that punters follow for good luck.

Crossing the fingers or legs

There are several stories about the origin of these two forms of superstition. Some people say that crossed fingers represent the cross of Jesus Christ. Others say that crossing your legs or fingers prevents ill fortune from touching you. Even though we don’t know the true story, this basic superstition has become rampant among many punters.

Changing seats, tables, or machines

Some people believe that changing their seats will increase their chances of winning. If they lose while sitting in a particular spot in the casino, they will link that seat to their misfortune. Punters also try out a different table or slot machine after a losing streak. Perhaps, the placebo effect from getting a fresh perspective after changing seats might be responsible for this belief.

Itchy Palms

When you get itchy palms, Bulgarians believe that it is a sign of bad luck. If you play in the casino with itchy hands, the belief in Bulgaria is that you will lose money. In Serbia, superstition works the other way around. Serbians log in to their betting apps when their palms feel itchy.

Red signifies luck

In China and other Asian nations, people see red as a colour attached to success. For this reason, some punters come to the casino in red shoes, pants, or shirts. Others will hold any red object with them. This superstition extends to slot games and Roulette.

Several punters prefer to wager on red, even though red and black have equal chances of appearing on the roulette wheel. To be fair, A steak of 32 red numbers in a row during the 1940s is the biggest in recorded roulette history.

Counting your chips or money at the table

Several punters believe that counting your chips or money while gambling is not advisable. There is a slight element of truth to this superstitious belief. It is arguably unethical to calculate your earnings before the game ends. It also feels like showboating in front of other not-so-lucky punters. The bad luck could be due to the adage that says “Pride comes before a fall.”

Special numbers

Depending on the region of the world, some numbers are classified as a symbol of either good luck or bad luck. Generally, there are common beliefs:

  • 7 is seen as a good number
  • 17 is the lucky number to target in Roulette
  • 13 is a lucky number for many Asian punters
  • In Eastern cultures, the number 4 is associated with ill luck

Conversely, many European cultures across the globe consider 13 as a bad number. Some elevators and high-rise buildings in Western countries skip the number 13. One theory about the ill fortune behind the number 13 is that the catastrophic end of the Knights Templar institution occurred on Friday the 13th. Another popular reason is that Judas Iscariot was the 13th person on the table during the Lord’s Supper.

Final thoughts

Most of the beliefs above are based on placebo effect, with no evidence of their statistical recurrence. Whenever you visit the casino or log in to a betting site, the state of your mind matters a lot. Keep a clear head and aim to have fun.