Wilson Golf is expanding its golf ball offering by launching two new Tour-calibre balls – the Staff Model X and Staff Model – both of which go on sale later this month.

The new season will see several experienced Tour players, including Brendan Steele, Ricky Barnes, Martin Trainer and Paul Lawrie, playing with the new Wilson Staff Model X and Wilson Staff Model Urethane four-piece balls, which are designed to provide unmatched precision, speed and spin.

Staff Model X (£52 per dozen)

The new Staff Model X ball retains the same characteristics as the previous Staff Model version but has undergone slight modifications to optimise iron spin through alterations to the inner mantle layer. Designed for golfers who want a ball with a firm and fast feel, it enhances spin for approach shots into the green.

The advanced V-COR performance technology amplifies energy around the core composition to generate maximum velocity off the clubface for greater distance. The firm four-layer compressions on the ball work together to produce unmatched shot-shaping off the tee, Tour-level workability off the fairways, predictable stability on approach shots and exceptional control around the green.

The 3SIX2 seamless Urethane outer cover contributes to providing maximum spin, enhancing stopping power on wedge shots, chips and pitches.

Staff Model (£52 per dozen)

The new Staff Model ball retains the same advanced V-COR performance technology and 3SIX2 seamless Urethane outer cover but incorporates a medium-compression core. This core provides a great feel off the clubhead and achieves flatter trajectories on drives and approach shots from a distance.

Both the Staff Model X and Staff Model balls are painted using a finely controlled application process that ensures a flawless finish, resulting in the highest-calibre performance. They will be available in White and Yellow.


Speaking about the new range, Frank Simonutti, Wilson Golf’s Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation, said: “In looking to continue the success of the popular Staff Model ball franchise, we now introduce two Wilson Tour balls with distinct differentiation to meet the needs of some of the world’s best players.

“We believe that the ‘X’ version ball will appeal to a greater number of elite golfers seeking higher velocity and spin, while the new Staff Model is designed for golfers who generate enough spin of their own. During testing, the ball speed numbers on both models were consistently higher than some of the most popular Tour balls on the market, so we’re really looking forward to seeing how they perform next season.

“The Tour players who played or tested the original Staff Model ball provided us with some valuable feedback about the level of spin they could already generate,” said Simonutti. “Therefore, we made adjustments to the core and inner mantle layer to reduce driver spin while maintaining a firm outer mantle layer and thin cast Urethane cover to maintain high iron spin. The new Staff Model ball is approximately 10 points softer compression than the previous version and exhibits a slightly lower spin rate on wedges.”