5 Steps to Take Before Ordering an Essay Online

Writing essays is an essential part of the learning process on every step of the academic ladder. Wherever and whatever you study, there’s no way you can do without this task. It’s hard to count how many papers you’ll be assigned before eventually getting your degree, but there will be plenty, for sure.    

But what if writing is far from being your strongest skill? Or maybe you just don’t like academic papers, or don’t have the time to craft so many of them? Is there a way to ease the burden of essay writing? 

Thousands of students ask themselves this question. And the answer is – yes, there is! A fool-proof way to get help with your academic papers an essay writer website is to order them online. 

Though people often wonder if it’s legal to do so, there’s no need to worry about this side of the matter. As long as you use the paper provided as an example, avoid plagiarism, and don’t hand it in as your own work – you’re covered. 

However, some services can actually get customers into trouble. It usually happens to carefree students that don’t do research before placing an order, as there are lots of unreliable services and scams out there. 

What’s more, sometimes students don’t do their part of the work and give hired writers a hard time figuring out the needs of their clients. In order to get the most of a writing service, take these important steps before ordering an essay online.

Try to Do It Yourself

That’s kind of obvious, but it’s always better to do the job yourself. After all, there’s usually a reason why students are assigned certain tasks, including these boring papers. You know, you’re supposed to learn something new during the process and improve useful skills – so, it’s not like writing essays is just a waste of time.  

So, before setting your mind on ordering a paper from an online service, make sure you’ve done your best to cope on your own. Try all other ways to get adequate help – like asking your instructor for advice or a deadline extension, talking the task over with your fellow students, etc. 

Then, when you feel there’s no other option left to try, start looking for a decent service. 

Do Your Research

Looking for a decent service doesn’t mean entering a relevant search request in the Google bar and then picking the first result blindly. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as that. To make sure you choose the best possible company, you’ll need to conduct research – just like they taught you at college! 

First of all, read best essay writing services reviews and make a list of the best-rated companies available. While reading, pay attention to all the important details that get mentioned in the reviews and make notes. 

Then, visit the websites from your list personally and check all the critical info like:


  • company’s experience on the market (the longer – the better);
  • refund policy (reliable services normally offer refunds in certain situations);
  • copyright sign at the bottom of the website (of course, it can be faked, but many scam sites don’t even bother);

Basically, a reliable company’s website should look professional – with quality texts, full info and fully functioning customer support.

Understand Your Budget

There are plenty of affordable and cheap writing services that can provide papers of decent quality. However, the final price usually depends on the volume of your paper, as it is counted per page. So, you need to understand the required volume and estimate the price before getting in contact with the service. 

Luckily, there are convenient price calculators provided on many services’ websites, so it will only take a few seconds to figure that out. Then, if the price is okay, you can proceed with the order. 

If it isn’t, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get help. You still can look for a cheaper offer or, if you prefer to stick with the chosen company, order editing and proofreading instead – that will cost you less than hiring a writer to do the work from scratch. 

Choose a General Topic

If you don’t have a specific topic assigned to you by the instructor, you’ll need to choose one before ordering a paper. Surely, professional writers at essay services can help you formulate your topic correctly, but you still need to provide them with some general idea of a title or theme. So, take the time to make a list of possible topics to give your writer a starting point. 


When doing so, remember that you’ll need to at least read and understand the essay you buy, or maybe even make a class presentation based on it. So, don’t choose something that you don’t really feel towards in the hope that you won’t have to deal with it on your own at all.

Gather the Necessary Details 

To avoid possible problems, carefully study the assignment details and all the requirements provided to you by the class instructor. If you have any doubts, clear them out and make sure you fully understand the task. 

Among the vital things that you’ll need to provide to your writer are:


  • word count;
  • formatting style requirements;
  • recommended resources or the requirements for the resources to be used.  

You may also provide some of your ideas that you’d like the writer to include, a sample outline, the sources you’d like to be referenced, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Writing tasks are important and useful, but they often can be quite daunting. Luckily, there are convenient and affordable essay writing services to lend busy students a helping hand. Professional writers working for such companies will provide you with quality essay examples, help you meet deadlines, and save you from stress and anxiety. 

However, remember to take all the necessary steps to make sure you get the best value for your money and avoid trouble. If you’re careful and attentive, using a writing service can be a real life-saver during hard times!