Student Assignments Matter: 8 Ways to Bring Your Writing to the Next Level

Nobody likes homework. Assignments are long, tedious, and time-consuming. Yet, they are an essential part of the education programme of any college. So, it’s only natural that students found many different ways to improve their writing skills. Not only that, but technology has given us tons of useful services and platforms aimed to make studying easier and more enjoyable.

Some might directly check and correct the text as you’re writing it, while others offer to free you from chores you can’t spend time on right now. Delegating the assignment to a professional essay writer is always a good idea. Setting your priorities straight helps you organise yourself and become more productive in both studying and working.

We made this list with one purpose. To make assignments easier and less stressful to cope with. So, let’s share these 8 ways to improve your writing,

Make It Simple

Many students find essay writing hard because they think they need to use complicated words. Those words are often misplaced or used wrongly. Yes, the will to seem smarter is good, but one should know the limit. Use simpler but effective words and structures to deliver the message. The easier it is to understand, the better. Another common mistake is huge complex sentences. They not only confuse the readers, but also make the content impossible to understand. A better way is to use shorter sentences instead of long ones. But, remember about keeping the balance. You don’t want to seem like a 4th grader, do you?

Practice Regularly

Every human is free to write about whatever they want. Use it to express what bothers you at the moment. Just find a random topic and compose a text regarding it. First, write about simple situations or stories. Try to come up with more complicated subjects as your skills improve. The more subjects you’re able to explain scripturally, the better.

Keep checking yourself at any time. You need to learn from mistakes, as they are the key to progress. Practicing is applied everywhere, as it is the most straightforward way to evolve and develop. The more you repeat a certain process, the better you become at it.

Don’t Overfill

Overused adverbs and filler words are the biggest enemies of a good essay. Just like in case with complex sentences and words, these issues are usually caused by wanting to seem more intelligent.

Reading will help expand your vocabulary and use of grammar

Filler words and phrases would be the ones that don’t really have that much importance in a sentence. Take the words “really” and “that” in the previous sentence as an instance. It won’t become less meaningful and understandable if you remove them. Most are adverbs, but they’re not limited to this category. To give you a better perception, here’s a short list of the most used ones:

  • Like
  • Just
  • Basically
  • Literally
  • Well
  • Actually
  • Okay
  • By the way

Have A Layout

Many forms of writing share the same outlines between certain spheres or subjects. For example, school assignments are required to be written in a particular structure. The most commonly used variant is introduction – body paragraph – conclusion.
Having a certain ‘skeleton’ will make your future writing experiences easier. You’ll already know what and where to put, and what certain points should be followed with. Create one or two main topics and expand them into subtopics. The presence of layout will make sure that you included everything you wanted to. 

Back Up Your Arguments

If you saw an article about a certain topic or incident with no evidence on the matter, would you believe it? We doubt it. Every point needs a certain fact to support it. And that in its order requires evidence. It can be represented in different ways. Be it scientific research or statistical data, well-known fact or a definition. Your arguments probably won’t be even taken into consideration if they aren’t supported by anything. 

Don’t Stop Reading

Reading helps you improve the understanding of a certain topic, as well as expand your vocabulary. It is obvious that you receive knowledge while doing research, and what research goes without reading? It is almost impossible to learn something new without going through texts.

Moreover, reading can be looked at from a different perspective. Take the needed subject or the one you’re interested in. Analyse how the writer composed the sentences and what words were used. Try to memorise some structures and word combinations. This will push the limits of your vocabulary even more, allowing you to use new phrases and express yourself better.

Don’t Over Explain

While expressing concepts or meanings, try to avoid over-explanation. That means that there’s no need to come all the way down to describing trivial fundamentals. You should understand what needs to be made clear and what is well known and obvious. That is because this process can be continued endlessly. And if the subject requires that long of a description chain, maybe you should consider changing it or using another way to deliver a message. Though, some occasions may be unique and require every single term to be described. But those happen rarely and mostly in science assignments and articles.

Know The Language

It may seem obvious, but the key to a perfect essay is the grammatical part of it. Nobody is going to give you thumbs up for grammatical errors and misplaced words. And that considering the text is at least readable.

Not sure about your language knowledge and skills? Work on it first, and proceed to write an assignment only after. However, different services may correct your spelling and sentence composition in real-time. Not even mentioning professional editors. Although being useful, both won’t improve your own knowledge, so it’s better to study yourself.

Final Words

This list provides you with some tips on how to enhance your writing and receive better grades. But don’t forget that decent writing skills won’t be used in essays only, as it can greatly help you in the future. Who knows, maybe you’re going to be the Hemingway of our time? There’s only one way to find out, so keep grinding!