Where To Find The Biggest Golf Betting Bonuses

Golf enthusiasts, look no further! Whether you’re new to the world of golf betting or already a seasoned pro, the thrill of the game never fails to pervade. But before teeing off to the green that beckons to you, it’s important to talk about the key ingredient to better golf betting opportunities: bonuses. These tips will turn your bankroll from a bogey to a birdie!

Shop Around For Golf Betting Sportsbooks

Don’t just pick the first golf betting site you find – they’re not all equal when it comes to bonuses and opportunities. In fact, more often than not, an online sportsbook doesn’t prioritise its golf section, which makes it all the more special to find one that does. 


Aside from bonus terms, which affects payout, lines & odds shopping is also crucial for your bottom line. In sports betting, line shoppers look at odds and lines across multiple sportsbooks to find the most agreeable terms, allowing them to maximise their returns and winning more money. But it’s also important to know how a bookmaker calculates its golf odds.


For example, CasinoGam lists all non UK sports betting sites with the bonuses for golf lovers, outlining the important details and terms to qualify for them and cash out your winnings, ensuring there are no mistakes going in – and speaking of T&Cs… 

Check The Bonus Requirements

Rarely will a golf betting bonus have no strings attached – you’ll usually have to wager the deposit and bonus amount a certain amount of times, but all casino sites on the up-and-up will inform you of this information before you activate it. 


The so-called wagering requirement is the indicator of how long you’ll have to spend betting before you can cash out, and, by extension, how hard it is to win money with it. 


Let’s say, for example, you get a sports betting bonus with 20x wagering requirements and get €100 for it. With that €100, you must use the amount 20x for a total of €2,000 in bets before you can withdraw the money. If that sounds like a lot, it is – it’s to prevent bonus abuse in online casinos, but it’s also a great way to encourage players to engage with the casino’s full offerings.

How To Tell If A Bonus Is Worth It

Once you’ve found what seems to be a good golf betting bonus, be sure to analyse all the small details. Determining whether or not a bonus is worth it is a strategic process that depends on your needs:

  • Wagering requirements – How often do you have to bet what you receive?
  • Bonus amount – How much do you get? Is it a percentage or a fixed amount?
  • Expiration date – How long do you have to complete the requirements?
  • Eligible markets – Can you use the bonus on golf bets?
  • Odds restrictions – Do the allowed odds align with your betting strategy?
  • Deposit methods – Which deposit methods qualify for activating the bonus?
  • Risk tolerance – If the bonus requires high bets or has strict conditions, is it worth the risk?

Stay Informed About The Latest Golf News

Keeping up to date with the latest golf news is easily a hole-in-one strategy, giving you an edge in several ways: 

  • Player form – Knowing all the latest info about a player’s performance, recent injuries, and form keeps you informed about how they may fare in an upcoming event. If they’re doing well, they might be a strong contender to win a tournament and may be worth betting on. 
  • Injury news – On the other hand, if a player has been nursing an injury, there’s a chance he won’t perform as well as usual. Such updates can help you adjust your typical betting strategy. 
  • Weather – Golf news commonly covers weather forecasts and anticipated course conditions, both of which have an impact on player performance. 
  • Tournament trends – Some golfers play better at certain courses than others, so knowing the lineup and how these trends overlap can make all the difference. 
  • Market sentiment – News influences public perception. If a player is in the spotlight for whatever reason, it can impact betting lines. Beware of media narratives that may drive such unusual conditions.
  • Expert tips – Media narratives aside, golfing experts will provide their honest picks and can provide insights that can help identify sleeper picks that you’d miss otherwise. 
  • Live betting – During a live tournament, real-time news can change how you’d like to bet. For example, a player may start out much stronger or worse than you anticipated.


As always, knowledge is power! Stay informed and you’ll be able to identify the best of all golf betting bonuses and learn how to turn them into a wealth of winnings.