Lofoten Links

Top 8 Most Unusual Golf Courses and Their Signature Tournaments

The world of golf is filled with traditional courses that offer a familiar experience, but for those seeking something truly unique, there are courses that break the mold and offer an experience like no other. Here are the top 8 most unusual golf courses around the globe and the distinctive tournaments they host that offer a unique challenge to golf enthusiasts:

1. Himalayan Golf Course, Nepal

Nestled in the majestic Annapurna mountain range, the Himalayan Golf Course offers a surreal experience. With no manicured greens or smooth fairways, this course is set alongside a deep canyon, with each shot rising and falling along the valley contours. The Himalayan Golf Course hosts the Nepal Amateur Open, a tournament that challenges golfers to adapt their game to the rugged terrain and elevation changes that are a hallmark of this stunning course.

2. Lofoten Links, Norway

Located 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Lofoten Links is a course where golfers can play under the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights. Perched on cliffs overlooking the Norwegian Sea, this course’s landscape is as challenging as it is beautiful. The Lofoten Links hosts the Midnight Sun Tournament, where players have the unique opportunity to tee off in broad daylight at midnight, thanks to the natural phenomenon of the sun never setting during certain summer weeks.

3. Uummannaq Golf Course, Greenland

The Uummannaq Golf Course in Greenland provides one of the most extreme golfing experiences in the world. As the northernmost golf course, it offers a round on frozen ice and snow, with the World Ice Golf Championship held here. This tournament tests golfers’ skills and resilience as they play in sub-zero temperatures, making it a bucket-list event for the most adventurous of players.

4. Arikikapakapa Rotorua Golf Club, New Zealand

The Arikikapakapa Rotorua Golf Club has hosted several notable tournaments, including the New Zealand Professional Tournament, the NZ Ladies Open, and the Men’s Interprovincial Tournament, the Freyberg Rose Bowl. This geothermal course provides a unique challenge, where players must navigate not only the usual sand traps and water hazards but also the natural geothermal activity of the region. Imagine playing a round of golf amidst geysers, hot springs, and bubbling mud pools here you will find it all.

5. Bear’s Best, Las Vegas, USA

Bear’s Best in Las Vegas is known for hosting a variety of golf events, from corporate outings to charity events and professional tournaments. The course offers a unique experience by replicating 18 of Jack Nicklaus’s most famous holes, allowing players to feel as though they’re on a tour of the Golden Bear’s greatest hits. In the heart of the Nevada desert, Bear’s Best offers a collection of 18 holes replicated from Jack Nicklaus’s designs across various locations. Playing here is like taking a tour of the Golden Bear’s greatest hits, all while surrounded by the stark beauty of the desert.

6. Blackstone Course Mission Hills, China

The Blackstone Course at Mission Hills is a venue for the annual World Ladies Championship and the biennial World Celebrity Pro-Am. This championship course is celebrated for its challenging layout and has been voted the best championship course in Asia. It’s a course that tests the skills of professional and celebrity golfers alike, amidst a landscape of black lava rocks and lush vegetation. The course is enveloped by jungle vegetation, wetlands, and lychee trees, offering a golfing experience that feels like an adventure in a tropical paradise.

7. El Camaleon Mayakoba Golf Club, Mexico

El Camaleon at Mayakoba has made history by hosting the first PGA TOUR event outside the United States and Canada, the Mayakoba Golf Classic. More recently, it has become the venue for the LIV GOLF league, marking its place as a significant stop on the golfing calendar. The course’s diverse ecosystems provide a dynamic backdrop for the high-stakes competition. Designed by Greg Norman, El Camaleon is a course that weaves through dense jungle, white sand beaches, and mangrove forests. The presence of cenotes and water canals adds natural hazards that make each shot a thrilling challenge.

8. Furnace Creek Golf Club, Death Valley, USA

Furnace Creek Golf Club, known for being the world’s lowest golf course being placed at 214 feet below sea level, has hosted the Furnace Creek Invitational, a unique tournament that embraces the extreme conditions of Death Valley. The course’s below-sea-level elevation makes for an intriguing game, where the ball’s behavior is as unpredictable as the scorching heat of up to 130°F in the summer.

These golf courses and tournaments are not just about the sport; they’re about the experience. They offer a chance to see how golf adapts and thrives in different environments, and how players from all over the world come together to celebrate their love for the game. Whether it’s playing among geysers and hot springs in New Zealand, in the icy landscapes of Greenland, or below sea level in the heat of Death Valley, these courses showcase the adaptability and global appeal of golf. For golf enthusiasts and professionals alike, participating in, attending or betting at Scores24 Live on these events held on these courses is a testament to the game’s enduring allure and the remarkable venues that make each tournament unforgettable. Happy golfing!