The Masters at Augusta National starts the major season every year in April

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Golf is one of the most challenging sports, and majors tournaments are the most iconic events in golf. The whole world is ready to bow down to the golfers who will win the Masters Championship, the US Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship. Each major tournament has its own characteristics.

Features of Major tournaments

The first final major, which takes place in the first half of April, is the Masters Championship. Everyone knows this tournament for its green carpets, which attract the attention of viewers from all over the world. Every golfer dreams of winning this tournament overboard. Golfers usually arrive in the United States a few weeks before the start of the tournament to adapt to the conditions of the game on the lawn. By the way, horse racing apps offer a profitable betting mode for these live competitions.

The US Open tournament takes place in June, but does not have the green lawn that can be seen at the Masters Championship. From this point of view, roses with a green background will be as bright as at the Masters Championship.

The British Open Championship, which usually takes place in July, has its own peculiarities. This tournament is held on a sandy field, which can make it very difficult for players who are not used to it. The game at the British Open tournament is usually more predictable than at other majors.

The last major of the year is the PGA Championship. It usually takes place in August on a field that is considered one of the heaviest and longest in the tournament. Although the PGA Championship tournament is the last major tournament of the year, it still has great significance for golfers.

Features of FedEx Cup tournaments

The FedEx Cup is the final series of tournaments held in September, which includes four tournaments that determine the champion among all golfers. Four tournaments The Barclays, Deutsche Bank Championship, BMW Championship and Tour Championship have their own characteristics.

At the first Barclays tournament, novice players get a chance to show their skills, although only 125 players can participate in this tournament. There are always a lot of spectators at the Deutsche Bank Championship tournament. This tournament takes place at the American Softbons Campaign, the largest golf club in the USA. At the third BMW Championship tournament, we have to pay tribute to the tradition of golf, played in Chicago at Olympia Fields Country Club.

The main tournament of the series is the Tour Championship, which will determine the FedEx Cup champion. The tournament takes place in Atlanta at the East Lake Golf Club, which has an outstanding history in the world of golf.

Features of the Ryder Cup

The competitive Ryder Cup is a tournament held every two years between the teams of the USA and Europe. The competition has its own peculiarities, since the players do not speak for themselves, but for their team.

The modern Ryder Cup is held for three days, and every day is special. The first day is the day of “fatal pairs”, and the second day is a single match. On the third day, there will be matches ending in a draw, so the teams will have to fight for this draw.

Although the players play for their countries, the Ryder Cup is a tournament that unites all golfers in the world. The whole team is connected by energy and passion for the game, which makes the spectacle incredibly attractive to a huge audience.

Presidents Cup Features

The top Presidents Cup is a biennial tournament held between the teams of the USA and the world, with the exception of Europe. The tournament has its own peculiarities, as players compete for their teams.

The actual Presidents Cup takes place over three days and includes single and doubles matches. Each player gets a unique opportunity to show their skills by playing for their team.

The exclusive Presidents Cup tournament is a great opportunity for the golfers of the world to unite and enjoy playing with golfers from different countries. The interaction and enthusiasm of players from different continents makes the tournament unique and attractive to the public.

Features of the PGA Tour Tournaments

The PGA Tour is a series of tournaments that are held in the United States throughout the year. The tournament has its own peculiarities depending on which field the game takes place on.

At the Safeway Open tournament, which takes place in Napa at the Silverado Resort and Spa North Course, players will face wind and swelling of the earth. As a result, playing on this field can be extremely difficult.

At the Waste Management Phoenix Open tournament, which takes place in Scottsdale at TPC Scottsdale, noise spectacles from thousands of people are fascinating. Golfers rushing to the match feel the pressure from a huge number of fans who will cheer for them.

Although each tournament has its own peculiarities, the PGA Tour remains one of the most prestigious golf tours in the world. Players compete for money, but also compete for the title of champion and popularity.