Can You Make Money with Sports Betting? A Realistic Look



Making money from football betting requires a person to be lucky and good with numbers. There can be days at a stretch when all observations go futile and punters get nothing. It is a common observation that only a handful of punters taste success in betting and make money. These punters are those who have spent a lot of time of their lives on the field or at a responsible post. They have an influence over the team management, have access to insider news, and are fully aware of how teams react to various play conditions. Then there are some punters who have honed their skills with practice and combined instinctive powers with research to gain profit from sports betting.


By putting all their experience to use, the punters pick the courage to fade the public and make unexpected decisions. It is done to reduce the risk and to benefit from the value that is attached to the bets on underdogs. Making money from sports betting requires patience and perseverance. The punters bet regularly, bet in small amounts, and also register with multiple sites to take advantage of odds boost, free bets, and other offers that offer additional money. So, by teaming with the correct sites and practicing caution, chances of making money can be increased.



Value bets: a useful strategy for making money


Betting on football should be looked upon as an investment. Just like you search for returns in an investment, you need to learn to spot value in a bet. From where does this value arise? Well, it results from the misreading of odds by some bookmakers. It is a well-known fact that higher odds are inversely proportional to the likelihood of an event. That is why, you will find odds on a weak team or underdog to be higher than those on a favorite team. But, when the odds are placed high even for a situation that is quite likely to occur, it yields an edge to the punters. Since the bet yields some value, it is known as value betting and is a working principle for seasoned punters.


Value bets may arise due to changing conditions during the match. Several in-play bets carry good value as the bookmakers don’t have much time in hand to assign odds while the match is in progress. Thus, the punters gain an advantage in such cases and may use tools like odds calculators, etc. to confirm the value of a bet. With regular practice and research, value bets can be cashed to make money from sports betting.


Matched betting: keeping all aces up your sleeves


The availability of betting sites over the web has made it possible for punters to register with multiple platforms. By doing so, they are entitled to free offers and discounts that are offered by the bookmaking or betting sites. The punters can pick a free bet and back a side at the bookmaker site and then they can lay the same bet at a betting exchange. In this way, they are not investing anything in one of the possibilities and yet are betting on multiple outcomes. The direct effect is that the punter gets to make money without investing much irrespective of the result of the match.


Bets available at discounted rates help stay in the game with not much damage to the bankroll. If the punters research well and find which odd has a higher value, they can bet on it using the free offer or discounted rate offer. Also, to boost the bankroll, they can choose a free bet to back the riskier proposition and get back the money through cashback offers. Having said that, this strategy may get the punters banned from the site if they are following it too often and investing only in free bet offers.


Managing bankroll is good for a longer run


Betting is risky; therefore, one has to keep the head right above the shoulder while spending money on it. The bets don’t pinch much when the stake amount chosen is smaller. Punters may take big risks when the right time comes, or when they are fully sure of the outcome.


Certain strategies help in sound bankroll management. For instance, chasing loss is a natural response, but it should be done using a systematic approach. For this, betting systems like the Martingale system are found helpful. In this system, the punter starts with one unit of bankroll. Say, the bankroll is $300 and he chooses only $2 to $6 to stake on a bet. If the bet wins, he continues to bet the same amount. The change to the additional unit is made when a losing bet arrives. So, the next bet amount will be $3 in case the previous bet amount was $2. By doing so, the punter is reinvesting the money made from winning bets.


The bankroll management requires maintaining the betting record religiously. All lost and won bets should be recorded to find the overall expenditure or earnings. It also helps find the bets which proved advantageous.



Tipster sites that can help football bettors make money


The use of tipster sites is a common practice as the punters get a second opinion about the bet they have researched. However, not all tipster sites are worth the attention. The ones that have proved beneficial most often are: – Verified Expert Tipsters


Topsportspick offer best soccer tips with accuracy as high as 88% and more. This tipster site allows filtering the tips based on stake budget and betting service. In-play bets become easier to try with the Livescore service available here. The tipsters are classified as beginner, intermediate, and expert allowing the punters to choose them as per the expertise level. – Winning Predictions at Your Fingertips


Football Tipster connects the punters to only the top tipsters football. This tipster site offers tips on all international and domestic leagues. The punters can access the tips on their mobile phones. The betting markets covered are for both half-time and full-time. Thus, the punters can try placing multiple bets on the events of a single match. – Football Betting Advisor


BettingAdvise allows punters to take their betting practice to the next level with verified tips available here. The site maintains the track record of all the tipsters and pushes the ones with the best results to higher ranks. The punters can get more than 100 tips a day, which allows them to bet more and more frequently. Since all leagues across the world are covered, punters can bet on several matches without leaving their homes or work desks.





  1. How can one make money with sports betting?


By betting on multiple outcomes using matched betting, and bet-hedging, one can cover all bases and make earnings from sports betting. It is advisable to avoid sites that claim to offer sure bets or guaranteed returns.


  1. What are the tips for managing a bankroll for profitable sports betting?


Bankroll management is the key to sustainable sports betting. They should assign a small percentage of bankroll, say 2-3%, to every bet and spend consistently. Chasing losses mindlessly can cut short the betting spree and may dry up the bankroll sooner. Betting with a calm mind and with an unbiased approach is always good for the bankroll.


  1. Which bets can help make money from sports betting?


There are certain bets whose odds may be found inflated when comparing across bookmakers. It may happen due to bookmakers’ mistakes or because of a poor-quality algorithm. With experience and practice, punters can find out the value of any bet and make more money from winning it.


  1. How sure bets are formed?


The sure bets are also known as arbitrage betting. In this case, the punters pick a bet on one site and lay it on the other. As a result, they make money from the bet no matter what the outcome turns out to be.


  1. What common mistakes do punters make that cause loss?


Punters pick a sport that they don’t know much about. They continue to favor a team based on historical records and personal liking even if the team has not fared well. They spend without planning which drains the bankroll sooner.