Bitcoin is also referred to as digital gold in the trading market. While gold itself is a physical asset, bitcoin is known to be a digital asset. And to no one’s surprise, the values of both b bitcoin, and gold are directly proportional to the inflation in the economy. As inflation rises, the prices of gold shoot up, while the value of bitcoin rises as well. As inflation has risen over the past few months, the value of both Bitcoin and gold has significantly decreased. Since amount of gold is valued in money and is backed by money, it is quite susceptible to rising interest rates. The opportunity cost of storing metal that doesn’t generate returns rises when rates rise since the money might be used to purchase government bonds, which now offer greater rates of return. Both gold and bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are forms of investment. Investments are assets that can be traded, and made through that tons of profit is made. 



Statistically, we observe that following the COVID-19 pandemic-induced sell-off in the global stock market, bitcoin’s correlations with conventional asset classes have started to rise. Some of the most known traditional assets are real estate, gold, stocks, commercial markets, etc. The link between bitcoin and gold, in particular, has risen to a humongous level. This may strengthen its connection to assets that are frequently regarded as safe investments that do not involve a lot of risks and increase its potential as digital gold. Generally, people make safe investments to ensure that their returns are profitable and in time of need, they can make use of their profits. However, cryptocurrencies have drawn people’s interest in making huge investments and setting up their companies integrated with crypto and trading. To ensure profitable trading the profit builder gives access to trading activities in the cryptocurrency marketplaces. It provides useful market insights and access to accurate, real-time market analysis, both of which may help traders make better and more knowledgeable trading decisions. Traders and laymen both can benefit by making their investments in cryptocurrencies and trading in digital assets as they are highly profitable in the new technological era. 



The craze for cryptocurrencies has attracted millions of investors, it has even drawn laymen with average monthly earnings towards itself with its high-rising values and immense profits. It has been noted that in a post-pandemic future when there are significant hazards and price volatility, bitcoin may even replace gold as the preferred asset for investors and traders. Traders are gaining profitable returns from the profit builder by using automated robots that provide an accurate market analysis of cryptocurrencies. As the modern world of technology is taking a huge turn towards digitalization, it is vital to realize the importance of digital assets. Initiating small investments is the key to gaining long-term and sustainable returns that are profitable. Digital currencies and assets are a huge source of remaining in the blockchain technological market.