2022 US Open Golf Tournament: Dates, Location & Venue Preview, and More!

The United States Open Golf Tournament, also referred to as the US Open, is a yearly tournament dating back over a century. The competition is held in the United States and is one of the major golf championships in the world. Since 1898 when the tournament began, it has been open to both amateur and professional players, hence the name “open.”


In 2022, the tournament will be holding its 122nd season. The competition, which will be held at Brookline in Massachusetts, is a 72-hole stroke play game, and it will be played from June 16th to the 19th.


The US Open tournament is hugely anticipated by every golf fan worldwide, even though it’s held in the US. Punters, too, are among the anticipators who can’t wait to start wagering on golf odds to win some cash. Also, the tournament winner gets to win significant prize money and an invitation to play in the Masters and PGA Championship.


This article will provide you with the necessary information about the forthcoming US Open tournament, including location and venue.


Everything You Need to Know About The US Open Golf Tournament

These are some important information you need to know about the competition:


1. Location and Venue Preview

The 2022 US Open will be held at the Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. The golf club owns the venue, and they are one of the founding members of the United States Golf Association.


The ground has hosted some notable golf tournaments in the past, so things are expected to go as smoothly as possible. It has also been a partner of the United States Golf Association for a long time, so it’s not a surprise to see the golf course hosting the 2022 tournament.


2. Qualification

The US Open Golf tournament is open to both amateurs and professionals, as long as they have a maximum USGA handicap index of 1.4.


Both male and female athletes can compete in qualifying or be given a direct entry through exemption. The number of players allowed for every competition is 156.


For a player to be exempted from the qualification round and granted direct access to the competition, they must be:


  1. The winners of the tournament for the last ten years.
  2. The amateur championship winner of the previous year.
  3. The player championship’s winner for the previous three years.
  4. USGA exempted players.
  5. The last US senior open winner.
  6. Top 60 Players in the Official World Golf Ranking 14 days before the tournament and the top 60 on the tournament day.
  7. Current US amateur winner.
  8. US amateur runner-up.
  9. Players who qualified for the tour championship in the previous season.
  10. The winner of McCormack’s medal is ranked top of the WAGR and an amateur.
  11. The winner of the year’s BMW PGA Championship.


Also, it is important to note that the amateur exemptions are only open to those who maintained their amateur status as of the day of the tournament.


There are two types of qualifications for the US Open. They are:


  • Local Qualifiers

The local qualifier is played across the United States. The number of people who qualify from local to the final qualifiers depends on the size of the field at each local qualifying event. Last year, 8,680 players participated in the local qualifiers, and 500 qualified for the final qualifying stage.


  • Final Qualification Rounds

The final qualifying consists of players that advanced from the local qualifying and those exempted from participating in local qualifying.


3. Date of the Tournament and Schedule

The 22 US Open Tournament local qualifications began on April 25th, 2022, and ended on May 23rd. The number of golfers who have qualified from the final qualifying stage will be announced. They will automatically participate in the 2022 US Open Golf Tournament between June 16th and June 19th.


The game for each day holds different times, so it is important to take note of that so you won’t miss any games. The schedule for the three-day sports tournament is as follows:


NOTE: All times are written in the Eastern Time Zone.


First round: The first round will take place on June 17th and run from 2-5 pm.


Second round: The tournament’s second round will be held the next day between 4-7 pm.


Third round: The 3rd round will be held between 11 am to 7:30 pm.


Fourth round: The fourth round, the last round, will be held between 12 pm and 6 pm on June 19th.


4. Where to Watch the Event

If you can’t visit the tournament venue, you can stream the games online. For people in the United States, NBC holds the right to broadcast the tournament, so you can tune in to the designated NBC channels to watch.


You can also stream the games live on Peacock TV or any other online golf channel in the United States.



The US Open is one of the most significant events on the golf calendar in the United States and worldwide. As the 2022 edition of the tournament is fast approaching, it would be great for every golf fan to start planning so as not to miss out on the action.


This article has all the information you need in this regard – as it provides you with details on the date, venue, where to watch, and more.