The Popularity of Golf in Universities Around the World

Golf and universities seem to have formed an unbreakable bond centuries ago. In this modern age, many universities still show a strong dedication to this sport.

Students around the globe have very different criteria that help them choose their future universities. Some graduates look for the universities in certain states or specific geographic locations only. Others search for the best study programs in the area of their interests. Many choose universities for the art programs they can offer. However, some percentage of students pick their university for one reason — their mutual love of golf. Any young golfer knows the importance of having a good golf field nearby. They want people around them to understand their passion. Universities that can offer these students full support and training often raise the world’s best golf players. Let’s see what universities score high on that list.

The history of golf

Golf is one of the oldest sports we currently play. Some historians say that it has been popular among the world leaders since the rise of the Roman Empire. Frankly, its whole history is so rich in events that any golf fan should treat themselves by asking professional sports writers, “please, write my paper for me on the history of golf.” You would love a whole essay on this topic. Overall, it should come as no surprise now why gold was and still is so popular in the UK. It has been there since the beginning of civilization. At first, it was played only by the elites, the social class that could afford to have leisure time in the first place. Of course, things have changed drastically over the last few centuries. Golf was most popular among the representatives of the nobility. Since the beginning of the last century, the common people were starting to develop their affection for golf as well. These days, hundreds of championships are dedicated to golf, many of which take place among university students worldwide.

Universities that share a lifespan similar to gold itself have also been big advocates for this noble game. These are the universities that were the alma maters for future kings, prime ministers, and greatest minds of generations. To this day, these universities are proud of their great golf field as well as the world players that they raised on those fields.

Yale University, USA

People all around the world are dreaming of getting into Yale. Why wouldn’t they? It has everything a young person can dream of when it comes to the college experience. It has a gorgeous campus, great academic staff, an opportunity to make friends for life, and an amazing golf field. Yes, Yale is often standing among the best universities on the planet. But young golfers would go there even without all that recognition. The golf field on its campus is one of the best fields in the state, not to compare with the fields from other universities. If you want to explore the specifics of its design and layout, you’d need to get some essay help online, since it would be a lot of work.

University of Malaga, Spain

Malaga is, no doubt, one of the best Spanish cities out there. It has a great climate, beautiful weather, and incredible people. Do you know what else it has? This city has many golf lovers. Locals and tourists all prefer Malaga for gold games. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the University of Malaga is one of the most attractive places for young golfers to study. It has a special gold program designed to attract the most talented players. It is a home for many Spanish and world champions. The university takes great pride in its golf team and takes active participation in most top rated golf competitions. Honestly, any golfer who goes to Malaga university will always know a bunch of people to ask, “write my essay for me cheap, please, I gotta go play.” Why not? Future world champions shouldn’t get distracted from the game.

The University of Stirling, Scotland

Of course, we have to have a Scottish university on our list, let alone a university like this one. If you are into golf, you must have heard about the University of Stirling. It is not just one of the best universities in the country or Europe. It is also one of the best places to go if you want to become a professional golfer. The students from these universities, Stirlings, often win various golf competitions, including European Universities Golf Championship. This competition decides on the best European student-golfer every year. And quite often, Stirling shows there some of the best results. Oh, and you need to see the golf field this university has! This Stirling university has produced nine national champions and dozens of other champions throughout the years. Stirling also has golf scholarships for particular talented players.