Sky Sports presenter embarks on journey to single figures

Sky Sports football presenter David Jones has embarked on a new series with The PGA to lower his golf handicap thanks to the help of PGA Professional Gary Munro.

The series – entitled Journey to Single Figures – documents Jones’ progress over a six-month period, giving an inside track of the learning process from the perspective of both player and coach.
The series complements the recent launch of The PGA’s PGA Play website, which enables golfers and all those interested in taking up the game to search for and connect with PGA Professionals.

David Jones, who is one if Sky’s main football presenters, is trying to get his handicap down from 14 to single figures with the help of PGA Pro Gary Munro

Jones, who fronts the Super Sunday and Monday Night Football coverage on Sky Sports, has played the game sporadically throughout his life, but family and work commitments have put golf on the backburner in recent years. After struggling to maintain a handicap of 14, Jones had what he describes as an epiphany and reached out to his enormous social media following in search of lessons that would help revive his game.

After multiple recommendations, it was PGA Professional Gary Munro who took up the challenge and helped Jones rediscover his love for golf again.

Munro is the Director of Golf at Pitch in London, as well as coaching at Bedfordshire Golf Club, and the pair set to work over the summer to help improve David’s game and lower his scores. Despite another busy year presenting for Sky Sports, Jones has undertaken a series of one-to-one lessons with Munro at Pitch, as well as on-course playing lessons and coaching sessions at Woburn and Burhill, where Jones is a member.

Speaking ahead of the launch of Journey to Single Figures, Jones, 47, said: “What I really want to achieve from this process is something really simple – I want to get better and I want to stand on the first tee on any golf course in the world and be confident that I know what I am doing.

“I know I am not going to get down to scratch or anything like that, but I think there is a chance for someone like me who is currently at 14, with the help of an expert PGA Professional and plenty of practise, to get to single figures. I don’t see why that is not achievable. I’m not expecting a quick fix – it’s about a long-term gain which is going to get me into a better place as a golfer. It’s the start of the journey really. The building blocks are in place, it’s up to me now.”

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