Golf Essentials for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

Gone are the days when Golf was considered a sport for the elite and rich and a popular choice for people who were 50 years old or plus. Golf has now moved its position to people from all economical demographics. Also, it has now become a sport for all age groups right from 5 until 95. There are but a few games that can be actively played by such diverse age groups.

Enjoying a chance to get out in nature, learning integrity when playing with others and the ability to even play by yourself, are all adding to the benefits of Golf.

Decided To Play Golf? Three Things Beginners Need To Know!

You have got on your golf cap and are ready to make your place at the golf course. You even got your booklet on Golfing terms and are ready to yell out ‘FORE’.  It all sounds easy, right? Wrong! Golfing has its rules and when not followed can make you frustrated enough to sell those brand new clubs off.

Once you know your basics and actually love the game it won’t be long before you eat, sleep and breathe Golf. So let’s get started on your golf journey to get a perfect shot in the future.

1)     Prepare Your Golf Kit

Acquiring your set of golfing accessories and cubs is the right way to start. It assures you have everything that is needed right from learning sessions to your first official round. Basics include:


  • Golf Shoes
  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Bags
  • Golf Clothes

2)     Learn The Different Swings

There are numerous types of swings and choosing the right swing is the key to winning a game. A golf swing is a way in which a golfer hits the ball. There are two basic types of swings. i.e. The Flat Golf Swing and the Upright Golf Swing. In an upright swing, the player’s arms are positioned high whereas, in the flat golf swing, a player swings the club in a way that it creates a wrap around the back of the body. Depending on your body types, it is best to choose a swing that you are comfortable with as a wrong swing could hurt your back.

3)     Know The Etiquettes

No game is complete without etiquettes and neither is Golf. Some basic golfing etiquettes to follow are:


  • Focus is a key factor for every golf plate. Hence, refrain from talking while someone is taking a golf shot and that includes any other distractions like even whispering with other golfers while a game is being played.
  • Duck when you hear ‘FORE’. Players usually shout out the word Fore when a ball has been hit somewhere and is coming towards you. While you are on this aspect of golf, it wouldn’t hurt to read some terms used in Golf.
  • Stand away from your opponent’s shots. Even footprints can hinder a good shot. Also, allow the player furthest from the hole to play first.
  • Replace all marks you have created with your club and rake the sand too if you have played a shot from the bunker. Replace the flags back after you have finished playing.

Most Importantly: Have Fun Playing Golf!

Golfing can never be boring. Can you even think of outdoor sports which are calming, allows you to take your time and eat and drink at the same time? The adrenaline rush it provides while you watch your ball sink in from the long shot, hoping it reaches the target can keep you both excited and nervous.


Like all sports, golfing too can build up some strong mental traits. It helps you to challenge yourself when you fail and celebrate with fellow golfers when you succeed. With so enthusiasm that golf can bring to your life, isn’t it time to put on your golfing caps?!