Eleven Golf's set of easy-hitting hybrids can replace every iron in the bag

Record Breaking Sales at Eleven Golf

Eleven Golf has achieved record-breaking sales with their globally recognized hybrids. These revolutionary clubs enable golfers to achieve higher, straighter shots while providing a significant boost in confidence and consistency. The exceptional performance of Eleven Golf’s hybrids has resonated with golfers worldwide, propelling the brand to new heights and solidifying their position as an industry leader.
The highly successful hybrid brand is now offering left-handed models, expanding its reach even further. With numerous accolades under its belt, this brand is revolutionizing the market.

These award-winning clubs were recently put through their paces in Today’s Golfer’s ‘Most Forgiving Golf Irons 2023: Best for High Handicaps’ testing, and ranked number one in distance drop-off, confirming the forgiving nature of these clubs.

Eleven Golf has paired with KBS to enhance these game-improvement hybrids. Thanks to these revolutionary shafts, Eleven Hybrids now offer improved benefits including; a light weight construction for increased club head speed, increased launch giving you extra carry, optimized weight and stiffness for tighter dispersion and ultimate game consistency.

KBS offer 4 flexes of shaft; stiff, regular, senior, and ladies – catering to golfers of all abilities.

Not only can Eleven Hybrids can be purchased in sets from 3-PW, they can also be purchased individually for £89.99 and are available now at www.eleven-golf.com