PrideSports launches Paint Splatter golf tees

PrideSports, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium golf tees has launched a new range of Special Edition Paint Splatter golf tees where no two designs are the same thanks to a unique colourful graffiti style paint application.

Paint Splatter wooden tees are constructed from the same premium hardwood as all PrideSports wooden golf tees and are available in Red/Blue/White & Green/Yellow colour combinations plus the option of 2 3/4-inch and 3 ¼-inch tee heights.

“Paint Splatter tees are an exciting addition to our Special Edition collection and I’m confident that they will appeal to a wide range of golfers who seek to express themselves with colour out on the course, commented Joe Henderson, President – PrideSports.  “The evolution of the game in recent years has seen an injection of colour and fun designs and our goal with Paint Splatter tees is to mirror that in the golf accessories market.”

Special Edition Paint Splatter tees are available in packs of 45 for £5.99 at