Iván Ballesteros launches Sweet Spot putter

American Golf is stocking a brand new putter that has been developed and designed by Iván Ballesteros, the nephew of golfing legend Seve.

Available from today [November 16], exclusively in the UK via American Golf online and across its 90-plus retail stores, the innovative dual-face cylindrical putter is poised to revolutionise the way golfers approach their putting game.
Leveraging Ivan’s extensive knowledge of golf equipment, acquired over many years in the golf industry, along with his experience as a PGA instructor and his years alongside his uncle, the legendary Seve Ballesteros, the iB PUTTER SWEET SPOT promises to redefine precision, balance and performance on the green.Meticulously crafted from a combination of high-grade stainless steel and aluminium, the iB PUTTER SWEET SPOT is designed to maintain perfect balance throughout the stroke. Offering a 3.5° loft and a 70° lie, the clubhead’s 373g mass provides exceptional weight distribution to ensure a solid touch precisely where you aim. This balanced design encourages a pendulum-like stroke, resulting in consistent hits on the sweet spot with every shot.

Iván Ballesteros said: “No detail has been spared in ensuring that this putter will dramatically transform every golfer’s putting technique. It’s a true game-changer that promises to elevate any golfer’s scorecard and overall putting experience. Having worked on the development of the iB PUTTER SWEET SPOT for the last two years I’m delighted that it is arriving in the UK and finding a home with American Golf.”

Stephen Edgar, category manager for golf clubs at American Golf, said: “Iván’s drive and passion to create a putter that will genuinely help improve golfers’ game is incredibly admirable. His unparalleled experience and lineage within the golf industry has both inspired and informed every element of this putter’s unique design.”

Priced at £349, the iB Sweet Spot putter is offered in black or silver and can be purchased online from American Golf and its retail stores nationwide.