CHARLEY HULL “I’m just out here playing golf with my golfing friends”

Charley Hull talks to the press before the HONDA LPGA Thailand at Siam Country Club in Pattaya.

Q. Charley, coming off a T3 finish last week on the LET; then a top-10 finish on the LPGA Tour at the beginning of the year. How comfortable do you feel in your game, and have you felt that you’ve been able to kind of carry over the momentum you had from last season?

CHARLEY HULL: Yes in the off season, and I played golf with some friends at home, so I’m just out here playing golf with my golfing friends. So that’s how I kind of see it.

Q. Is that something you usually do during the off-season, play with friends? I know a lot of competitive golfers?

CHARLEY HULL: I do. I prefer hands down playing golf with my friends at home than I do on tour. Like just have a laugh with my friends, so it’s not really work to me, it’s just going out there, having fun.

Q. You just played in the Wyndham in Saudi. How does that prepare you for playing in Asia? You’ve played this course a few times. How does it compare with America?

CHARLEY HULL: Saudi was a lot drier, like a dry heat, where over here it’s very humid. There are some places in America that are quite humid, so the golf courses are kind of, but this golf course kind of stops in the morning and get quite a bit of dew on the greens, and I find the ball doesn’t go as far as in the afternoon.