Bushnell’s new hybrid model marries laser rangefinder and GPS capabilities to create a handy, and indeed, in hand, all-in-one distance-measuring device.

OK, so it may not offer hole flyovers, scoring options and game analysis tools, but if you’re the kind of player that needs to know the precise distance to the flag, the depth of the green, and yardages to a couple of other hazards in between, then the Bushnell Hybrid could be right up your fairway.


The laser combines with the GPS to offer distances to the front, middle and back of greens while looking through the viewfinder

While a standard laser provides a single distance to the flag when you look through the eyepiece, this model gives you that, but also flags up the front, middle and back yardages, creating a complete picture of where the flag is in relation to the overall green.

Looking through the rangefinder, it locates the flag in an instant, and offers a reassuring jolt to let you know you’re locked on and can trust the yardage. While the GPS display on the side of the unit gives front, middle and back distances, it also pops up on the viewfinder screen, allowing you to make an instant decision. Of course, when the flag is obscured, you have to rely on the GPS element, and hopefully a pin sheet to nail down a precise number, but the two devices operate seamlessly in tandem, while being useful in their own right.

The GPS offers up to four hazard distances, and auto updates via Bluetooth.

The two systems draw life from different battery packs, with the GPS coming from a USB-charged battery and the rangefinder using a CR2 battery.

Aesthetically and ergonomically, it’s nice and compact and fits neatly into the hand, and is a well-made piece of kit.

RRP: £399, www.bushnell.com