It’s a wrap! Stand out from the crowd with an Attaya Golf shaft wrap

The wraps come a choice of eye-catching designs and can be quickly and easily fitted to any club in the bag

Attayga Golf, a new UK-based company, has launched a range of premium golf shaft wraps that give golfers the chance to customise their clubs for a bespoke look.

Golfers can customise their club shafts with a choice of 11 eye-catching designs from camo patterns and prints to matte finishes and bright colours, at a cost of £15 per wrap, making them an affordable gift or stocking filler for Christmas.

Utilising advanced air release technology to be easily applied in seconds, Attayga Golf’s shaft wraps offer a one-size-fits all sizing model and can be used on any club in the bag. As an added bonus, the wraps also protect clubs from damage, extending their lifetime along with enhancing their resale value at the same time.

At only 80 microns thick (equivalent to .08mm), the shaft wraps are light enough to not affect the balance of the club or impact any of the shaft’s performance characteristics.

Attayga Golf’s founder Harry Butler said: “Attayga is offering golfers a fresh new way to customise the make-up of their golf bag. Over the years I’d been seeing more and more people trying to customise their clubs by painting their shafts and it hit me that while the shaft is around 80% of the club, there’s never been any way to customise that part other than by purchasing expensive graphite shafts.

“As a former collegiate player in the US, I wanted to find the right materials to produce an easy to apply wrap that delivers a cost-effective way to customise clubs, but one that didn’t compromise on the club’s performance.”

He added: “The launch of Attayga has been a work in progress for some time and I’m delighted to be able to now bring the product to market in time for Christmas. It’s a great affordable stocking-filler for a loved one or a golfing relative, or simply as a present to yourself!”

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