After a career spent jumping fences on top of a racehorse at 35mph, former jockey Bob Champion prefers to get his kicks on the relative safety of the golf course these days

My first ever golf holiday was to… I don’t think I’ve ever been on a golf holiday per se, but I’ve been on plenty of holidays and then played golf. Whenever I go to Florida I always manage to squeeze in one or two games.

My favourite golf course is… Wentworth’s West Course. Unfortunately, my first time there was not long after I had taken up the game and I was terrible. I must have gone around in about 285 – how the hell they let me on the course in the first place, let alone stay on it, I don’t know!

My ideal golf holiday fourball would include... my best friend, Derek Thompson, my brother, Howard, and former jockey and TV presenter John Francombe. The golf would be terrible, but we’d have a lot of laughs.

My favourite golf holiday destination is… Florida. I usually go out there in the winter. It’s usually cold here in the UK, so it’s great to get some sun on your face, and the courses are superb – providing you don’t mind water and the occasional crocodile!

When I go on holiday I never… ride horses. It’s a holiday, after all.

I always travel with… my phone. It’s a necessary evil these days.

The best hotel I’ve ever stayed in was… The Savoy in London. It was only the once, but I’ll never forget it. Pure luxury.

My favourite city in the world is… London, just because I love England, and it’s got so much going on. Paris is far more beautiful from a tourist perspective though.

My most memorable holiday meal was… in India. I was out filming with the BBC there last year for The Real Marigold Hotel, and we had lots of memorable meals in Udaipur, where the series was based. They were not always pleasant, but they were certainly memorable!

My worst holiday experience was… eating food in India! I’m a meat-and -two-veg kind of guy. Simple English food is what I like most.

My top golfing travel tip is... to tee off either very early or very late – I like it best when there’s no-one else on the golf course!


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