Clubs to Hire launches long-term rental option

Clubs to Hire, the company which offers high quality rental sets at 26 destinations across the world, has launched a new service which enables golfers who have tried their clubs while on holiday to rent them for an extended period when they return home.

The new rental option, Infinity, enables golfers to rent new or pre-used sets from Clubs to Hire for as little as £70 per month.

Golfers can simply pick the set they like and they will be shipped to their home, where they can enjoy the set for a minimum of six months. Sets can be shipped to anywhere in the EU and customers pay the rental fee on a monthly basis.

Clubs to Hire CEO and founder Tony Judge said: “Purchasing a new set of golf clubs can prove an expensive up-front cost for a lot of people, and the average golfer is not always sure if that particular set will suit their game. Now golfers can rent a set on holiday with Clubs to Hire Infinity and then go home and do a longer-term rental. Infinity offer golfers more flexibility on their set of clubs, and allowing them enjoy new or pre-used sets at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them outright.”


Clubs to Hire Infinity packages currently include new sets from Callaway, PXG and Cobra and pre-used sets from Callaway and Srixon. Sets can be rented for a period of 6 or 12 months, with the latter option having a lower monthly rental fee. At the end of the rental period clients will have the option to hand back the clubs, extend the rental period, or purchase the set outright at an agreed price.

Launched in 2010, Clubs to Hire will celebrate its 14th year in business in 2024. The company handles more than 40,000 bookings each year for rental clubs at 26 locations worldwide, including in Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, UK, Dubai, Mauritius, South Africa and five countries across the Mediterranean. Clubs are available for left or right-handed men or women and can either be waiting at the airport or delivered directly to the golfer’s accommodation.