Abacus launches winter golf apparel range featuring 37.5 Technology

Premium golf apparel brand Abacus Sportwear’s latest collection sets a new standard in performance and design thanks to the introduction of a ground-breaking technology that promises to keep golfers fully protected from the elements yet remain comfortable in all climates.

Some of the key pieces in the Abacus AW22 Collection feature 37.5 Technology, a unique and highly innovative breakthrough in material science that helps keep the body at the ideal core temperature – 37.5 degrees Celsius – so that wearers can perform at their best in all conditions.

Invented by Dr Gregory Haggquist, an American PhD photo-physical chemist, 37.5 Technology embeds active particles made from volcanic sand into the material of a product – whether it be a rain jacket, windproof top or sock– which use the body’s energy to remove moisture.
The sand particles contain billions of micropores which absorb infrared light in the spectrum that the human body emits it, and this light becomes the energy that powers the particle. If no moisture (i.e. sweat) is present – meaning you are cool – the particles retain this energy to help keep you warm. If moisture is present – meaning you are hot – the particles use this energy to remove moisture. In practical terms, this helps keep the microclimate next to your skin at a constant – and comfortable – relative humidity of 37.5% and at the ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius.
While many apparel brands offer products that boast ‘moisture-wicking’ properties, this feature often only lasts for several washes and only serves to move moisture. 37.5 Technology, conversely, is permanently embedded in the material, so that it will carry on working for the lifetime of the garment and creates conditions that mean that you sweat less and, when you do sweat, it removes it entirely from the clothing rather than simply moving it to the surface.Besides the implications for enhanced personal comfort, this can reduce the frequency of washing required – saving time and energy. The particles used in 37.5 Technology also serve to trap odours while being worn and then releases them during the washing process, ensuring that not only does the wearer remain fresh, but the clothing does too, time after time. Independent testing has also proven that 37.5 Technology increases stamina by reducing the amount of energy used to manage core temperature.

Abacus has embedded 37.5 Technology into many of its key products for its current Autumn/Winter apparel range, including a new collection of rain jackets and trousers, enabling golfers to benefit from this ground-breaking technology in a range of stylish and performance-enhancing garments.

Made from lightweight and highly breathable polyester, the Pitch 37.5 Rain Jacket features 37.5 Technology to ensure the wearer remains warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, while a water-repellent treatment on the outside of the fabric that enables rain to roll off the surface to keep the wearer dry.  Four-way stretch delivers an unrestricted swing, while the jacket’s lower sleeve features extra elastic to keep it from flapping and a drawstring at the back of the neck allows for easy adjustment for a perfect fit. A rubber anti-slip print on the shoulders helps keep your golf bag strap in place when carrying.
Offered in grey, sky blue, black and midnight navy, in sizes S-XXXL for men and women, the Pitch 37.5 Rain Jacket has an RRP of £249.

Made from the same material as the jacket, and featuring the same performance features, the Pitch 37.5 waterproof trousers are lightweight and high breathable, ensuring the lower half of your body remains dry and at the perfect temperature in all weathers. Four-way stretch offers complete freedom of movement, while the lower legs feature side zippers for easy removal. Two side pockets, an adjustable Velcro waistband with pop button, and a zippered fly, complete the package. Offered in midnight navy or black, they have an RRP of £199.

To find out more details, or to view the entire Abacus Sportswear range, visit www.abacussportswear.com.