The Garmin Approach Z30 rangefinder can pass yardage data onto a golfer's Garmin smartwatch to provide even more accurate distances to pins and other key targets on the course

Garmin launches smartwatch compatible rangefinder

Garmin has expanded its range of distance measuring devices with the launch of the Approach Z30 laser rangefinder.

The ground-breaking device promises excellent ranging performance and introduces the Range Relay feature, which sends ranged distances to a compatible Garmin smartwatch or the Garmin Golf smartphone app. Once the target has been locked in by the Approach Z30, the ranged distance and a laser range arc will display on the paired Garmin device to give players a visual indication of the pin position and everything in play around it.
Designed to provide golfers with even more situational awareness on the course, the Approach Z30 delivers fast and precise distance readings up to 400 yards away, gives players six times magnification through the viewfinder and vibrates once it locks in on the pin.

Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales, said: “Golfers will love using the Approach Z30, which seamlessly integrates with many other products in Garmin’s ecosystem. You’ll never have to guess your distance to the pin as the Z30 provides quick and accurate measurements and displays them on your compatible smartwatch or smartphone. It’s also an excellent standalone device with its speed and accuracy, making it an exceptional addition for any golfer.”


  • Key information: View distance from the pin and to the front and back of the green to help gauge how to play a shot.
  • PlaysLike distance: See how far each shot should actually play with yardage adjusted for elevation changes. For an even greater level of accuracy, pair with a compatible device to receive PlaysLike distance that factors in air density, which affects how far a ball will travel.
  • Garmin golf ecosystem: Make the most of the Range Relay feature by pairing the Approach Z30 with the Garmin Golf App, or popular smartwatches including Approach S70, Approach S62, Approach S42, fēnix 7 series, epix (Gen 2) series, MARQ (Gen 2) collection and more.
  • Tournament mode: An external indicator light lets competitors know that the device is only providing data within the rules.
  • Magnetic mount: Conveniently store the range finder with an included magnetic mount when riding in a golf cart. It also comes with a handy carrying case with a carabiner, allowing it to hang from a golf bag if walking the course or after a round.
  • Find My Garmin: If the Approach Z30 is ever misplaced, players can utilise a feature through the Garmin Golf app to see its last known location.

Not only does the Garmin Golf app provide players with premium features on the Approach Z30, but a Garmin Golf membership (£8.99/month or £89.99/year) also gives users access to Green Contour Data, allowing them to see the slope direction of the green on certain courses from their phone or Garmin device. Using the slope information, golfers can figure out how much the ball will release after pitching, know which side of the pin is better to putt from and know the best miss for worst-case scenarios.

Available now, the Approach Z30 laser rangefinder has an RRP of £389.99.

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