adidas unveils ‘Made to be Remade’ polo shirt

adidas Golf has launched a new range of polo shirts that are specifically designed to be able to be recycled and repurposed into making other adidas products once the shirt has reached the end of its wearable life.
adidas already operates this recycling process in other areas of its business, but it is the first time it has rolled it out to its golf division.

The Made to be Remade Polo will be offered in two limited-edition designs and will come with a special QR code tag located near the hem on the right-hand side. Once this QR code is scanned, it will take the wearer to adidas’s Made To Be Remade digital hub, where they can start their return once they feel like the shirt has worn out or they no longer wish to wear it. The hub also offers information about the brand’s sustainability commitments brand and gives details about other Made To Be Remade products.
In order to give wearers enough time to wear down the polo, the return for remaking process will only open 100 days after purchase.
Jennie Ko, director of apparel design at adidas Golf, said: “Our intention with the Made To Be Remade Polo is to invite the wearer into this circular product process, from creation to recreation. Golfers will still benefit by getting a product that performs on the course, but will also have the opportunity to limit a product’s impact on the environment.”
She added: “We approached the design of this polo the same way we would with any polo we make, which is to always construct and use materials that promote mobility in the golf swing and feel good on the body. To make this one special, we used a customized jacquard pattern with fully looped yarns inspired by the continuous loop motion of all Made to be Remade products.”
The Made To Be Remade Polo will be available exclusively to buy for members of adidas’s adiClub, which is free to join. Members can buy it on and via the adidas app. It will be available from May 19 initially only in men’s sizes, with women’s options available later this year.