Popular golf markets worth betting on: our top picks

Anyone with the belief that golf is a straightforward game to bet on will likely realise they are mistaken pretty quickly! It’s a deceptively complex sport. If you have ever taken a look at the variety of markets and odds available from tournament to tournament, you’ll know that opportunities have never been broader. With that in mind, what are some of the best golf markets to be looking out for?

Before you get into golf betting for real, it’s a good idea to check out different markets and odds providers, and to compare bookies across the board. Before you do, here’s a quick rundown of some opportunities you should be looking out for.

Top 20 markets

If you’re not the sort of betting maverick to choose the winner of a tournament or trophy outright, there are ways to ‘play it safe’. Depending on the size of a cup’s roster, you can always decide upon who you think will finish in either the top 10 or top 20.

Odds, of course, will vary in these markets. However, we feel it’s a popular choice for entry-level bettors. It’s a good bet to make if you are just getting to know the sport, the main players, and to get a feel for the unpredictability from course to course!

It makes sense to learn about your different links and tee times, but wide markets such as these introduce you to the bigger rosters and talent fields.

Hole in one bets

On the other end of the scale, fancy choosing who you think will score a hole in one — and on which hole? This can be a very lucrative market, but it is certainly not one for the faint of heart, nor is it ever recommended for golf newbies.

Once you’ve gotten to know the form of the top players a little better, it makes sense to venture into the more maverick markets. Hole in ones are, on paper, rare — but there are plenty of players still on the world circuit perfectly capable of turning a par four into a one-shot win. There are also likely to be more holes in one per tournament than you might expect.

Nationality markets

Finding it tough to pick a single golfer to back? If the field is tough or you’re simply getting to grips with form, it’s worth betting on the nationality of a tournament winner. This way, your field is smaller. At the same time, there’s a trade-off when it comes to odds potential, and the size of your potential win.

Therefore, this is another market you’re likely going to need to try as a beginner, and perhaps rely on less as you start to learn more about the sport.

As you can see, there’s more than just betting on tournament or course winners outright! As you start looking closer at golf odds and bookmakers, be sure to branch out a little and add a few different markets to your slip.