The World’s First Casino

Since their inception, casinos have been attractions for the rich and famous. However, today’s flashing lights and exhilarating energy are a far cry from the old-world elegance that conventional institutions exuded when classic Hollywood movie stars sat down to dine – check out new online casino games.

That got us wondering about the world’s oldest casinos and what they have to offer now. We are not talking about only one oldest but four in total to give you an idea. Take a seat and explore these great historic structures, once hotbeds of gaming activity. Otherwise, visit the leading online 1Bet Casino review with a huge range of games and exceptional bonuses.

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Casinò di Venezia (Italy 1638)

It seemed only natural that Italy would be home to the casino that can lay claim to being the world’s oldest.

Since 1638, Venice’s Casino di Venezia has been open to the public, and its location on the city’s renowned canals is no surprise given its lengthy history.

Due to its Grand Canal location and the presence of historic Venetian architecture, it’s easy to imagine the Venetian aristocracy sailing in and partaking in aperitifs and games here in the past.

In today’s Casino di Venezia, gamers can dress to impress, play traditional games like blackjack, roulette, and poker, and dine like a king or queen for an evening or two.

In addition, there are roughly 600 slot machines, which is a far cry from the old Italian gods. For more information, check out this info

Casino de Monte Carlo (Europe 1863)

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of Europe’s oldest and largest casinos, founded in 1863 under a previous name.

It was renamed ‘Monte Carlo’ in 1866 in honour of Prince Charles III, who was instrumental in the casino’s growth.

Both “Casino Royale” and “Goldeneye” used the casino as an iconic setting for their respective films. The fact that the casino still attracts the affluent and famous to its luxurious rooms and gardens is maybe not unexpected, considering its location, history, and pedigree.

As a culinary and cultural destination that hosts opera and ballet performances as well as high-end restaurants and bars, this region is known to have plenty of high-end automobiles.

What about the view from the front, with a water feature? Nothing less than extravagant.

Casino Baden-Baden (Germany 1820s)

Baden-Baden, a prominent spa town with a long history, is home to Germany’s oldest casino.

Imagining the casino’s customers from its inception in the 1820s and 30s is a fascinating exercise.

While the casino’s neoclassical design and lavish interiors have not changed, the Kurhaus, the area’s remarkable social centre, which hosts events and conferences and an on-site spa, is still available to the public.

Possibly dating back to the Roman Empire, it has a lot of historical weight.

To make the most of this energy, it combines opulent furnishings like crystal chandeliers with more contemporary features like slot machines.

Crockford’s Club (United Kingdom 1823)

Regarding historic casinos, London or the United Kingdom can’t be far behind. Long before the rise of online casino websites, one particular landmark made a huge impact in the heart of London.

Crockford’s Club opened in 1823 as a gentlemen’s club and claimed to be one of the oldest.

In the past, Crockford’s was a private members’ club that drew power players and decision-makers rather than the rich and famous.

Because of its troubled past, it was forced to close and reopen its doors many times between 1823 and 1845, and then again in 1970, when it finally and permanently ceased operations.

A high-end casino with the same name is located nearby, although it has no link to the original.