4 Ways to Make Golf Trips Easier

It’s estimated that more than 65 million people around the world play golf. And with incredible courses in every corner of the globe, it’s a sport that inherently lends itself to travel. So, if 65 million people play golf, can you imagine how many people travel and play golf, too? We imagine it’s quite a hefty number which is why we’re here to help golfers travel seamlessly and more affordably to all of their bucket list golf destinations. Here are four easy ways to make your next golf trip easier than ever. You can also use free phone number lookup to find the right person in a foreign city.


  1. Research your destination

Whether you’re planning a huge group outing or a solo adventure, thoroughly researching your intended destination is extremely important. The best golf trip destinations offer a wide array of accommodations, nearby attractions, and, of course, stellar golf courses. Here are some of the most popular ones:



While selecting your destination, there are several things to keep in mind. 1) Consider what season it will be when you’re making the trip. You certainly don’t want to be teeing it up in Canada come mid-February… 2) Budget. Budget. Budget. Those international flights will be far more expensive than traveling domestically. 3) It’s ok to play a not-so-well-known golf course. For example, if you’re teeing it up in California, a round at Pebble Beach is a given. But, tee times at world-renowned courses can be pricey and hard to come by. Plan to play at one or two top-tier courses and reserve the rest of your rounds for some more affordable options. 4) Think about what else you’d like to do while on vacation. A perfectly planned golf trip will include spare time to be spent at the beach, in a pub, or even at a theme park.


  1. Plan ahead

Depending on the length of your golf trip and your destination, we recommend planning your vacation anywhere from three to six months in advance. If you’re traveling with a larger group, you may need to plan your trip one year in advance or more to accommodate everyone’s schedules.


Circling back to our earlier comment, tee times at famous courses may not be in abundance. So, don’t wait one week before departure to schedule your rounds of golf. No, you will not be able to snag a tee time at St. Andrews!


  1. Stay organized

Flights, tee times, hotel bookings – golf trips require lots of reservations. If you’re traveling with buddies, there’s no reason for you to do all the work yourself. Delegate tasks to different individuals in your group. Not only will it alleviate the weight off your shoulders, but your buddies will enjoy being involved in the planning, too.


To remain organized, keep everything in one place. Add all reservations to a spreadsheet that everyone in your group can access. Be sure to print extra copies of your bookings, too, to bring with you on your trip just in case.


  1. Ship golf clubs and luggage

The worst part about traveling with golf clubs is, well, traveling with golf clubs! They’re bulky, heavy, and cost a small fortune to check at the airport thanks to airline baggage fees. So, why pay to do all the heavy lifting yourself? Just ship your golf clubs and luggage with Ship Sticks and thank us later!


They’ll collect your bags from your home, office, hotel, or pro shop and deliver them to your destination safely and on-time – guaranteed. All shipments come with complimentary insurance, access to real-time tracking, and a white-glove customer support team available seven days a week.


Ship Sticks also ships to 180 countries and territories so you can take advantage of their services on every trip. Learn more about Ship Sticks or get a free quote.


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