What Are the Most Common Types of Casino Bonuses?

It seems like everybody is looking for a little extra cash, even if they’re not actually gambling. Many people play the lottery, buy scratch tickets, or place bets on football games, but these are all forms of gambling, not betting. If you’re looking for something that’s more like real gambling, you should check out online casinos, which offer the best odds and payouts for making wagers. Many online casinos like 10Bet Casino reviewed by Japan-101 offer attractive promotions, which can make your gambling experience enjoyable, you just need to research all the types available so you can make an informed decision.

You can take out a casino chip or cash your winnings by withdrawing the money directly to your bank account, or you could also be awarded a casino bonus. A casino bonus is essentially an incentive for you to play casino games. Bonuses are given out by the casino to players who are likely to return to play more often, or who are likely to be more successful in the game. Bonuses are either free cash, free play, or free chips.

Bonuses are available at all casinos. Finding an online casino that does not provide a bonus is very difficult, if not impossible. But what exactly are they and how can you put them to use?

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular casino bonuses, how to utilize them, and what the most typical terms and conditions are.

Bonus on top of the bonus

This is money added to your casino account in addition to what you deposited. It’s always given as a percentage figure. If you deposit $100 and the match-up bonus is 100%, you will get an additional $100. Your betting bankroll is now $200. Match-up bonuses are always offered to new and returning players, however, the proportion varies depending on the size of the deposit and/or your casino VIP level. The higher it is, the more money you’ll get to play with.

Bonus Spins

Free spins are a kind of bonus that may be used on a slot machine. When you sign up for an account, most casinos will offer you between 20 and 50 free spins. Free spins may be utilized on all of the slot machines in the online casino’s lobby, or just on certain games.

Each free spin has a monetary value—usually the smallest stake imaginable, but one that covers all lines. A wagering requirement or/and a maximum cash-out limit are often connected to such a promotion. If you like slot machines, free spins are a fantastic way to win rewards without having to spend any money.


Every Monday, players get a cashback bonus, which is free money (or any other day of the week determined by a casino). The sum is determined by the player’s net losses during the preceding week of gaming activity.

The payback may be in the form of a set amount or a percentage. In terms of percentages, casinos may provide up to 10% payback depending on how much you lost the previous week.

When it comes to cashback, each casino has its own set of rules. The most frequent foundation is a net loss, which is equal to the amount you placed minus your existing balance. The output of that calculation will then be used to determine 10% of the total.

What is a Wagering Requirement, and how does it work?

The amount of money you must wager from your bonus is referred to as the wagering requirement or playthrough. Before you may withdraw the bonus and earnings, you must first fulfill this condition.

Multipliers are used to indicate a wagering requirement. If your bonus is $100 and the wagering requirement is 35x, you must wager $3,500 out of the $100 you got. This restriction is in place to prevent the casino’s promotional incentives from being exploited. You must do this task within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, your bonus, as well as any of your wins, will be void.

Another frequent regulation connected with this is the maximum bet rule. Casinos set a maximum stake of 5% of the bonus amount or $5 per bet. If you go above that limit, the casino will lose the bonus money or free spins, as well as any wins.


Bonuses are beneficial since they allow you to play free slots or other online casino games with a larger deposit amount. You may even come across bonuses that don’t need a deposit. Before you claim a bonus, read the bonus conditions carefully since violating them may result in your earnings being forfeited.